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MOBicure Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that provides advocacy, community, and hands-on support to women and young people across Africa. MOBicure Foundation, borne from MOBicure Nigeria which has over 7 years of working with young people, women, and there to child empowering them and providing them with access to quality healthcare.

A different kind of non-profit, we use a combined approach of technology via our apps, myPaddi and OMOMI, as well as offline(traditional) through different programs organized to not only raise awareness but provide empowerment and support. Launched in 2020, MOBicure Foundation is focused on young people and women. Our sector focuses on maternal health, financial literacy, youth empowerment, and sexual and reproductive health rights.

Due to the support from MOBicure platforms-myPaddi and OMOMI- we are able to reach over 200,000 young people and women, and this number continues to grow daily due to the continuous growth and support we receive.

Our mission is to empowerment women and youths to reach their full potential through both online and offline programs informs of access to healthcare, financial literacy, youth empowerment programs, and gender equality.

Our core values are discipline, integrity, and innovation.

Our core values

Discipline, Integrity & Innovation

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